Just like a Prism, AMPRIS highlights the various colors of current pop music and combines it with ecstatic rhythms

André Ma'mun

Already at a young age André was known for his exceptional voice and his musical talent. Later he spiced up the northern German music scene as DJ and singer in clubs, at galas and weddings and, among other things, worked alongside with DJ and producer Sven Greiner. He studied audio-engineering at the SAE in Hamburg, followed by two years as a music teacher in Hamburg. With the production of the “Song 4Europe” he won the European “Schulmusik-Sonderpreis”. Further references include his technical and musical involvement in projects with EDEKA, Der Norden Singt, Pepsico and others.

Jesko à Tellinghusen


During Highschool Jesko was known for his outstanding talent as a drummer and pianist. He played in multiple bands and later moved to Osnabrück to study music production at the Institut für Musik. His many practical experiences include work with Manuel Reuter (Cascada, Twoloud) and Sven Greiner (aka DJ Shog) and producing for multiple artists (such as Lucas Newman). In 2017 he founded the electronic collective HAIÓN with fellow students and toured for two seasons with them as a drummer (Habitat-Festival, Rocken am Brocken, Fuchsbau Festival). They won two newcomer awards and sponsorship by the Deutsche Musikrat and the Initiative Musik.